Guillotine Cuts vs. L.E.O. EP


A couple of the homies from Queens connect to drop this EP on Audiomack. Enjoy!


Crimeapple x Big Ghost Ltd. – Aguardiente (Album)


The Dirty Jerz Colombiano returns with a menacing backdrop provided by Cocaine Biceps. If you’re a fan of excellent wordplay and vivid imagery, Crimeapple has got a plethora on display here. And every time Big Ghost decides to take the helm of a project the results are exemplary.. I’m about halfway through this joint and loving it thusfar. If you’ve previously had questions about this artist, here’s your chance to see what he does on a full length project for free. Stream at Soundcloud, link to sign up for a free D/L below.

“White I’m selling so stupid it should come with a tiki torch”