SmooVth x Giallo Point – Medellin (Cassette Tape Release)


The good folks over at Fxck Rxp have released the stellar collaboration album from Hempstead, LI MC SmooVth and UK producer Giallo Point in Cassette Tape format. Not only that, they have also elected to make the Digital version of the album available at Name Your Price. Go snatch that for as much or as little as you want and be sure to grab a physical copy for the collection.

LEX718 – Mouth Shut. (beat tape)

Mouth Shut Cover.png
As some of you know, I tried my hand at production earlier this year. I’ve been fortunate to get a few of my tracks to a handful of MCs I respect but for the most part, people have not really heard any beats I’ve thrown together..
Allow me to introduce my first feeler: “Mouth Shut.” is a 10 track compilation of loop based beats that have not been selected for use. Feel free to download (name your own price) these and use them as you please. All I ask is that you credit: LEX718 if you decide to release any recorded material over them.

Arsonists Mixtape


The good people over at Creative Juices Music, a Brooklyn label that houses Jise One among many other notable talents (Nems, U.G. & many more) blessed the interwebs with a link to the Arsonists mixtape which preceded their seminal debut, As the World Burns which turns an exuberant 18 years old this August. If you had this joint back in the days, you were one of the cool kids.. Join the in crowd and enjoy this truly awe inspiring mixtape featuring the likes of a group of Bushwick kids who were just as creative as they were talented. I really enjoyed giving this another run through.