D.Begun – Nasimoto Vol. 2: The Even Further Adventures


Second installment of the ridiculously dope mash up between Nas verses and Quasimoto beats. Shit just works perfectly.

Download at DBegun.com


LEX718 – Transitions (beat tape)

Transitions Cover Large.png

I been slackin’.. dropped this instrumental release about a half hour before the ball dropped on the 31st to close out 2017 strong and help ring in the newness but I’m just posting it on here today. My apologies to anyone who may rely on this page for my freeleases. Also adding a link to a single I dropped a couple weeks ago produced by Mark Ski called “Change Lives.” Happy tomorrow, y’all!


Showbiz – A Room Therapy (EP)


Diggin’ does it again! Another new freEP from the crew. LP version available via physical purchase on the site.

1. Do What I Want To (Feat. David Bars)
2. Burn Somethin (Feat. Tashane & A Bless)
3. Dead Man Walking (feat. O.C.)
4. Bronx Day (feat. Tashane & Majestic Gage)
5. Speak Ya Mind

Download at DITC Ent.

Domingo – Mingstrumentals: Volume Uno (Beat Tape)


The East NY protege of the great Marley Marl and legend in his own right Domingo decided to tap into his inner Kris Kringle and drop some free beats on the world this Christmas Eve. Enjoy and Merry Christmas muddasuckas!

1. Intro
2. Essentials
3. Behold The Pale Horse
4. Child To An M.C.
5. Clear Em Out
6. Money Game
7. Dear Diary
8. Rumble
9. Certified Official
10. On The Run
11. The Ha Ha
12. Give A Damn

Download at That’s Hip Hop!

Conway – G.O.A.T. (Grimiest Of All Time) (Album)


Griselda looks to close the year out strong with an early X-mas gift to their fans. The Machine makes claim to the Grimiest on his latest album featuring 10 tracks produced primarily by Daringer with one contribution from Alan the Chemist. No Shady logo on this artwork so perhaps this is a rogue release until they drop an album through Shady distribution. For now, it’s free to you and me so go find something worthwhile to complain about or kick back and enjoy the grime.

Download at ToneDen