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SmooVth x Giallo Point – Medellin (Cassette Tape Release)


The good folks over at Fxck Rxp have released the stellar collaboration album from Hempstead, LI MC SmooVth and UK producer Giallo Point in Cassette Tape format. Not only that, they have also elected to make the Digital version of the album available at Name Your Price. Go snatch that for as much or as little as you want and be sure to grab a physical copy for the collection.

Rozewood – バイナリゴースト​[​Binary​.​Ghxst] & [The​.​Ghxst​.​In​.​The​.​Mirror]


If you’re familiar with the Winners, then chances are you are already up on Amityville spitter Rozewood. But if you’re not, in the infamous words of Kevin Hart’s pops, “You gon’ learn today”!

In anticipation of the release of Channel 13, Roze has put out 2 excellent projects this year, both of which I paid for upon their release. Well now, Rozewood has decided to let these go for whatever price you like. I highly recommend cashing in on this deal. One of the better MCs in the game in my personal opinion. 2 for the price of none!