LEX718 – Break The Pattern 2: The Ayers Apparent Beat Tape


This is the second installment in the Break the Pattern series, which was intended to take a different approach towards the release of free digital Hip Hop. For the Ayers Apparent Beat Tape, I decided to try my hand (and ear) at remixing some of the many jewels in the Legendary Roy Ayers’ catalog.

This project is intended to pay homage to a fixture in the world of Hip Hop sampling. Roy Ayers’ remarkable catalog is indeed Ubiquitous. This instrumental project finds LEX718 (my alter-ego) hunting down and re-visioning some loops you may have heard re-used on some of your favorite Hip Hop and R&B records as well as some music from this very deep catalog you may have yet to hear flipped.

You can rap to these if you please (hell, I may rap to a few of these myself), but this is intended to be listening music. This is my admiration of Mr. Ayers’ catalog spilling over into your digital libraries. This will be my final instrumental release of 2017.

One Love.

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