Domo Genesis – Red Corolla (Mixtape)

The Odd Future MC hits us with 10 new tracks featuring production from Evidence, Hi-Tek, J-Rawls and more. 

  1. “The Red Corolla” (prod. by Left Brain)
  2. “Vintage Doms” (prod. by Stoney Willis)
  3. “Deez Nuts” (prod. by Evidence)
  4. “…Time Goes By” (prod. by Stoney Willis)
  5. “Honestly, Just Wanna Have a Good Time” Feat. King Chip (prod. by Hi-Tek)
  6. “Overthinking” Feat. Styles P (prod. by Sap)
  7. “Self Doubt the Interlude” (prod. by Take Flight)
  8. “What It Means” (prod. by J. Rawls)
  9. “Slow Burn” (prod. by Sap)
  10. “Long Way Home” (prod. by Stoney Willis)

Download at DatPiff


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