DotGotIt Recognition Post – The Dime Bag


So the reason I created LEX Says Listen is because in conjunction with being a die hard Hip Hop junkie, part of me is also a DJ at heart. And that means that I absolutely LOVE putting people on to new music. For so many years, friends and acquaintances have continuously bickered at the state of Rap music and how they don’t buy music anymore. Fair enough, you don’t want to pour your hard earned money into a culture that no longer seems to love itself. I get it. BUT, just because the radio, TV, cars rolling by and department stores you shop in don’t play anything you wanna hear anymore doesn’t mean there isn’t still music worth listening to. So with that I got on a mission to find all the worthy Hip Hop you don’t have to pay for and download it guilt free (I only post shit that the artists put out free themselves).

So it’s safe to say that the only reason anyone visits LEXSaysListen is to find the latest in rap freeleases. Since I cater specifically to that bucket of music, there is still a ton of dope hip hop being released to stream or buy daily. One of my favorite Rap sites to check for is This is a place where I can find new videos, singles and essentially spot most of the music I check for first. They’ve even put me on to some artists I was previously unfamiliar with.

So why do I feel the need to mention this? Well there is something great that DotGotIt does on a weekly basis. Every weekend, the good folks at DotGotIt compile their 10 favorite tracks that have been leaked out into the public from the passing week and zip it up for you to check out under the clever guise of “The Dime Bag”. This is something that I look forward to religiously. If you don’t already do the same, you can catch up on the link below as another resource to keep up with the latest.

Props to!

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