General Steele and Es-K present: Building Bridges Cypha by Bucktown USA

For those familiar with the fourth quarter 2016 release that had General Steele of BootCamp/Smif n Wessun fame presenting a taste of BK’s current class of MCs to the world over the jazzy production of Vermont producer Es-K, here is another dose of dopeness from the collective showcasing a number of talented spitters summarizing the past year over smooth instrumentation and hypnotic cuts. Check the credits below and name your price to add this track to your collection. If you’re unfamiliar with the project, I highly recommend checking out Building Bridges. A lot of good MCs I’ve met through doing shows in the NYC area getting their due shine on. High salutes to General Steele for doing his part to preserve a culture where community sometimes feels to be lacking. And happy belated to the brother Mic Handz!

1 – K. Trakz
2 – Supreme The Eloheem
3 – Mic Handz
4 – Asethic
5 – Louie Skaggs
6 – Innocent?
7 – VVS Verbal
8 – Topdog (OGC)
9 – Chel Strong
10 – Shabaam Sahdeeq
11 – Jarv
12 – Pressha Dinero
13 – GQ Josh
14 – Rez
15 – Cashino NDT
16 – Coke
17 – General Steele

Produced by Es-K
Scratches by Crusty Cuts


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