Lee Bannon – Bannon for Dummies

01. Sky Miles (ft. Curren$y)
02. Trill Cosby 1.5 (ft. DLRN, C-Plus, Task1)
03. Whats In (ft. Poor)
04. @*#$! Toxic (ft. Alchemist)
05. 6 Feet Deep Part 1 (ft. Chuuwee)
06. Painted Gold (ft. Zion I, Uptown Swuite)
07. Bath Water Running (ft. Willie the Kid)
08. Lions For Lambs (ft. S.O.L.)
09. Hickory Smoke (ft. Willie the Kid)
10. A New Song (ft. S.O.L., Torae, Reks & Superstah Snuk)
11. Like This (ft. Zumbi)
12. Die Free (ft. Willie the Kid)
13. Up Against the Wall (ft Roc Marciano, Kendrick Lamar)
14. Out for Me (ft. Poor)
15. The Return Part 2 (ft. U-N-I, Talib Kweli, Zion I & Sha Stimuli)
16. Vitamin B (ft. U-N-I, CurT@!n$)
17. Winter Coast (ft. Willie the Kid)
18. News Flash (ft. Willie the Kid)
19. What’s the Answer (ft. Termanology & Ea$y Money)
20. Props to Marv (ft. Uptown Suite, S.O.L.)



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