Bishop Lamont-The Shawshank Redemption (Angola 3)

01.martin luther king intro [01:32]
02.wanted man ft. chin (of the new royales) [05:00]
03.get my gun ft. kellen the criminal [03:48]
04.affirmative action ft. focus [03:38]
05.i like yo face bitch [03:42] the liquor ft. willie b [04:39]
07.rain ft. liz rodrigues (of the new royales) [04:57]
08.iwp ft. indef and the artist caps [03:58]
09.the homies girl [03:51]
10.shout [04:06]
11.home ft. dave green [04:29]
12.hollow eyes ft. anjulie [05:58]
13.anything ft. ryu (of the gbc) and mike anthony [04:29]
14.get inspired ft. bo-key and mike anthony [04:04]
15.u aint fresh ft. dave ny diverse and deejay gemini [03:58]
16.we in here ft. chevy jones [03:43]
17.sadatay ft. shennie [03:29]
18.robert king (interlude) [03:18] of the free ft. robert king [04:04]
20.hood psa word from young deon [01:22]
21.change is gonna come ft. mike anthony [03:55]
22.the preformation [02:24]



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