Diablo Archer – I Fly Archer: The View From My Window

01)  Boarding Pass (Freestyle) (Domingo)
02)  Flying Lessons (Antone PBC)
03)  Everyday Hero (Intro) (E. Haywood)
04)  Everyday Hero (First in Flight Remix) feat MEDIAN, KHill, Dasan Ahanu, and EAF (E Haywood)
05)  Back in the Building (Freestyle)(DOX One)
06)  Backpack Strapped (Freestyle)
07)  The Essence feat Rashid Hadee, KHill, Mic Source, and Keisha Shontelle (The Jake)
08)  Wanna Beat, Got-A-Flow (Freestyle)(Mr. Wannabeat)
09)  Magic Carpet Ride (Freestyle)
10)  The Pant (Rob Monster)
11)  Hot Thing Remix (Freestyle)
12)  Good Life feat Nemesis (Tobias)
13)  Mirror Music feat Rushmoore (Nic and Jaq Beat Dreams)
14)  Jetlag (E. Haywood)



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