Fresh Daily – Tomorrow Is Today

1   Intro
2   Space Movies (Kanye West Remix)
3   Lift off
4   Jump (Feat. Jesse Boykins III)
5   Apollo 13
6   Nothing Lasts Forever (Outkast Remix)
7   NightFree
8   Take ’em into Space / Did u dance?
9   WhoBeDat? (BrainFeeder Remix)
10   HEAVY
11   Universal Medicine (feat. Oddisee & Mela Machinko)
12   Winterfresh (Flyinig Lotus remix)
13   Tomorrow is today (Gorillaz remix)
14   Future Shock (Feat. Mickey Factz)
15   Lazer Beams (Feat. $trictly Busine$$)
16   Film Noir (Telepop Remix)
17   Wonderwheel (Feat. Outasight)
18   Up In It (Michna Remix)
19   Colors
20   Wait a Minute (Osbourne remix)
21   Fresh’s AOK Story, Part 2
22   STARZ (Brainfeeder remix)
23   Say U Wont



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